Repair and maintenance of classic cars, youngtimers and sports cars

We have the know-how and resources in our modern workshop with classic tools

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The specialist in classics

Working on classics requires a lot of know-how. Albers Sportscars has been doing this since 1959. Because we have a modern workshop but with the unique / specialist tools for classics, you can contact us for the repair and maintenance of old-timers, young-timers and sports cars. It is our passion and specialism.

  • The right classic tools
  • Know how since 1959
  • We share your passion for cars

That’s how we work

Werkplaats voor Oldtimers en Sport wagens

Modern workshop with classic tools

Partly because of our modern yet classic workshop, it is possible for us to work on most cars. We work with the following classic tools: special hammer for the classic knock-off wheels, special tools for synchronizing carburettors and we have special keys for adjusting valves.

We find the right parts

Due to our long experience, we have built up a large network and we know how to quickly find the right parts, our specialists know exactly what is needed. We specialize in Donkervoort, Corvette, Porsche and Ford USA (Mustang, Thunderbird) parts.

Werkplaats voor Oldtimers en Sport wagens
Werkplaats voor Oldtimers en Sport wagens


Sometimes a part needs to be restored. Because it is no longer available or just to guarantee the originality of the car. Think of a starter motor or alternator that we can fully restore. We can also overhaul carburetors and restore rims to new.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always try to give a cost indication in advance and we always consult with the customer during the work.

For basic maintenance you can contact us with any brand. We do not specialize in every classic on the market.

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