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We arrange the import of your beloved classic car, youngtimer or supercar from A to Z.

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Have you found your dream car abroad or do you want to sell your car to someone abroad? Then you soon find out that there are many rules and aspects that you have to take. We take over this care from you and arrange from a to z for the import or export of your classic car, youngtimer or supercar. Including all necessary inspections and papers.

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Oldtimer Import Netherlands

Import of classic cars, youngtimers and supercars

Importing your classic car, youngtimer or supercar can be fully arranged. Think of the transport and preparation of the car. We also arrange all necessary documents for the inspection so that we can fully offer the car to the RDW / Tüv for an inspection. As soon as the license plate is issued by the RDW / Tüv, we assemble the license plates. Because we can do everything in-house, so that you can quickly drive around in your new car.

Export of classic cars, youngtimers and supercars

For the cars purchased from us, we provide all the necessary papers and reports for exporting your classic car, supercar or youngtimer. The transport can be arranged in various ways. By land, but also by air transport or as sea freight. Thanks to our years of experience, we know the way.

Oldtimer Export

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide your car with a German registration, both the classic car registration (H-Zulassung vehicle must be at least 30 years and older), and a normal German registration.

If the car has a Dutch registration, we deliver the car with an export registration.

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