Repair and maintenance of Donkervoort Automobiles

We have the know-how and resources for the best maintenance of your Donkervoort

The address for Donkervoort maintenance

We have been supplying repairs and maintenance to Donkervoort Automobiles since 1994. We are true enthusiasts of this Dutch product and know these cars through and through. Because we have been specializing in the technology of these cars for years and have already carried out a lot of Donkervoort maintenance, MOT, large and small repairs, we are the address for maintenance and repair in the Northern Netherlands.

  • Large stock of original parts
  • Donkervoort specialist since 1994
  • Passionate about the brand
Donkervoort maintenance

The layout of our workshop is specially designed for the maintenance of Donkervoort, so our bridge is incorporated into the ground so that you do not have to cross a threshold as is the case with most bridges. We also have special tools to professionally work on a Donkervoort.

Original parts in stock

We have a large stock of original Donkervoort parts including body parts, rims, tires, ball joints, dashboard switches and wear parts. As a result, we can always deliver parts quickly and perform maintenance well without incurring major delays.

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Onderhoud aan motorblok Donkervoort

In-house specialist knowledge

We are real Donkervoort enthiaust and have the specialist knowledge for maintenance and repair of these cars indoors. We are not only specialized in maintenance, but also in damage repair, re-paint, windscreen replacement, changes in the interior and the installation of so-called hard doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do the maintenance of all types Donkervoort from S7 to the latest D8 GTO!

We have weekly contact with the Donkervoort factory.

Our pick-up and return service makes it possible to pick up and return your car.

Outsourcing repairs or maintenance to a specialist?

Patrick Albers

Salesman / specialist in vintage cars

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