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Classic car or youngtimer you are searching for not in our collection? Then you can do a car search. We will search for you within our extensive network. Here in the Netherlands but also across the border (e.g. Belgium, Germany and America). Found your dream car? Then we will arrange everything for you (from inspection, import to delivery.)

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How we work

Auto Zoekopdracht unieke Oldtimer

Step 1: Place your carsearch

Through this site you indicate what you are looking for. Think of aspects such as brand, model, version, year of construction and so on. When we receive the search query, we will contact you to discuss the other details. If we agree, we will search for you.

Step 2: We will use our global network to find your car

Within our extensive network, we look for you in The Netherlands and abroad, such as Germany, Belgium, France but also in America.

Auto Zoekopdracht unieke Oldtimer
Auto Zoekopdracht unieke Oldtimer

Step 3: Found it?

Have we found your dream car? Then we will contact you and we will see if this is the car that you have in mind if you agree, we will contact us further.

Stap 4: Inspection and negotiation

We will contact the seller and subject the car to an inspection. Upon inspection, we look at the overall condition of the car, such as the originality, history, quality of any restoration. We ensure that you get the best deal and that the purchase goes well.

Albers Sportscars - Oldtimer Dealer Nederland
Transport Oldtimer

Stap 5: The episode arranged to perfection

We ensure that the car is parked in our workshop to fully check it again. If the car has to be imported, we will take it from A to Z, such as the inspection. We can ensure that the car is delivered to the location you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Trade in with us is always possible, including with a car search. We determine the trade-in value prior to the search.

The costs incurred will be discussed in advance, this differs per car. (depending on where the car is and possible import duties)

If you place a car search with us, this is entirely without obligation, of course we expect your request to be serious and feasible. If the car search is in an advanced stage, we will contact you to discuss the last points before we definitively proceed to purchase.

Car finding service

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